Complex web apps made easy

React.js Starter Kit helps you build fast, robust, and modular web apps. Kick-start your project with the latest and greatest development tools and technological stack, the same front-end stack used at Facebook.

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Save time. Develop with confidence.

Component-based UI

Support for component based development providing a way to write small independent UI elements with consistent API that can easily be orchestrated as part of a large application.

Pre-configured Dev Tools

Bundling and optimization with Babel and Webpack; a development web server with "live reload" powered by BrowserSync, HMR and React Hot Transform.

Isomorphic, SEO-friendly

Shared app code between client and server (UI, routing, data fetching); fast initial page load time; pre-rendering of the critical CSS.

Highly Customizable

This starter kit is design to be fully customizable. Still not sure how to customize it? Feel free to request a customization via